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Ingredients of VitEffect21

VitEffect21 Himalayasalt (8g)

The material substances are special Himalaya salt, l-carnitine (3mg) as well as traces of organic highland coffee.

VitEffect21 is free of sugar (saccharose), homeopathy and alcohol.

VitEffect21G Himalaya-Carnitine-Globules (15ml)

The material substances are xylitol (min. 98%), hypromellose, aqua, as well as traces of special Himalaya salt and l-carnitine.

VitEffect21G is free of sugar (saccharose), homeopathy and alcohol.


We receive many excited feedbacks, especially because we produce without sugar or alcohol.

The current file of customer-feedbacks can be found:

Recommended serving sizes

VitEffect21 Himalayasalt

5x daily: 1 spatula point (see photo)
Best if taken separately or ca. 5 minutes before meals. It can be taken as is or dissolved in water. Daily dose: ca. 0,3g


VitEffect21G Himalaya-Carnitine-Globules

5x daily: 2-3 globules – separate from meals

VitEffect – practical application:

During the first 21 days of the metabolic diet – Phase I: 2 loading days, Phase II: 19 days following the loading days – VitEffect is to be taken 5 times daily for support.

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